Forty Hadith: Lesson 40

Sun 20 Oct 2019

Lesson 40: Hadith 26 & 27

Hadith 26

  • Abu Hurayrah – may Allah be pleased with him – said: Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: “Every joint in man has upon it charity every day the sun rises: Administering justice between any two is charity, assisting a man to mount his ride or helping him raise his effects upon it is charity. A nice word is charity, and every step you take going to (perform) the Prayer is charity, and removing harmful things from the way is charity.” [Al-Bukhari] [Muslim]
  • The explanation of this hadith is split into 3 parts
  • We did part 1 in the previous Lesson: Recap
  • The number of joints in the human body is 360 in number
  • Giving precedence to the word of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) above and beyond anyone else
  • The weakness and misguidance of some Muslim theologians and academics in this regard
  • Why is there a charity due upon our joints?
  • The two rak’aat of the duha prayer (forenoon)

Part 2: Different forms of charity

  • Every single act of worship a person does is a sadaqah (charity)
  • Examples given by the Prophet (ﷺ)
  • Charity can be divided into two parts:
    • The benefit is Limited to yourself only, e.g. the prayer 
    • The benefit of the charity extends to others too
  • Both forms of charity are legitimate
  • Charity can also be categorised as statement based or action based
  • What is meant by a goodly word?
  • Bringing about reconciliation and the importance of doing this only when one has the ability to carry this out, i.e. not just jumping into it but rather using wisdom

Part 3: Summary of Benefits

  • 1. There is a charity due upon every single joint of the human being every day
  • 2. Bringing about reconciliation between two people
  • 3. The Muslim is encouraged to help others
  • 4. An encouragement to engage in good speech
  • 5. The virtue of walking to the mosque
  • 6. The virtue of removing something harmful from the path

Hadith 27

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