7th July 2020

16 Dhū al-Qa'da 1441

Dhuhr Salah

1:30 pm

4 Hours 16 Minutes
Prayer Begins Salah
Fajr3:00 am 3:15 am
Sunrise4:50 am
Dhuhr1:21 pm 1:30 pm
Asr5:40 pm 6:00 pm
Maghrib9:39 pm 9:44 pm
Isha11:24 pm 11:35 pm
Video Lesson:

Alhuda Opening again

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Brothers and Sisters

Our Masjid will reopen from tomorrow (4th July) Fajr insha’Allah but there are number of Covid19 rules that we all need to adhere insha’Allah. 

Key points;

  • Brothers can attend with rules in place
  • Sisters and Children under 12 should not attend for now
  • There will be a series of infection control measures (see PDF)

Please have a look at the letter below, 

Jazakumu Allahu khayran.

40 Hadith Abu Arwa Ali Eemaan (belief) Personal Matters Purpose of Life The Hereafter

40 Hadith #67 (Part 2): Remembrance of Allah

With our brother Abu Arwa Ali


  • The great virtue of remembrance of Allah
  • Remembrance of Allah is of two types, what are they?
  • Two statements which are light upon tongue yet heavy upon the balance
40 Hadith Abu Arwa Ali Eemaan (belief) Personal Matters

40 Hadith #67 (Part 1): Reliance upon Allah and Taking the Means

With our brother Abu Arwa Ali


  • Having reliance upon Allah whilst at the same time taking the means towards your goal
  • The Prophet (ﷺ) also told us “Ardently pursue what benefits you and seek Allah’s help” [Sahih Muslim]
  • **Take the means but do not rely upon them**

When Will Alhuda open again?

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatul laahi wa barakaatuhuu ikhwan, 

Alhuda will be closed until the Jamaa’ah salah is possible. The purpose of the masjid is to establish collective prayers.

It pains us all to see the masajid closed and we pray to Allah to bring ease and comfort to our hearts. 

May Allah ease our way back to continually being blessed with a masjid upon the Quran and Sunnah and may He subhaanah restore our salah in jamaa’ah ameen.

Jazaakumullahu khayran for your patience.