Today (29 Oct 2016) we covered the following: The Conditions of the Prayer | Fiqh of Prayer

  • The Entrance of the time of The Prayers is a condition
    • Praying at the beginning time and its exception
    • The 5 Prayers aid you in your Life and expiate sins
  • The specific Time each Prayer enters:
    • The time Dhur starts and ends
    • Delaying Dhur due to extreme heat
    • Differences of Opinion on what time Asr ends
    • The time Maghrib starts and ends
    • The Preferred time of Isha and the time for necessity
    • The Sunnah of Delaying Isha
    • The Prophet disliked a person going to Sleep before Isha and staying up (unnecessarily) after it
    • The time of Fajr
    • Praying Fajr early at the beginning time
    • Explanation of the misunderstanding of delaying Fajr
  • What to do if a person overslept or forgot and missed a Prayer
  • The case of a person who purposely missed a prayer

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