Fiqh#14: Clothing for the Prayer and the Need for Purity

Summary of Fiqh #14 with Abu Muadh Taqweem

Saturday 19 Nov

Today we continued with the conditions of the prayer:

The Awrah:

  • Is the prayer valid for the one who exposes part of his awrah?
  • What are the effects on society when people do not cover their awrah?
  • What is the ruling on sports clothing that expose the thighs?
  • What is the awrah of a man? What is the awrah of a woman?
  • The ruling on the one who prays in tight clothes

The avoidance of impurity:

  • The prayer is not valid if there is an impurity on your body, clothes or place of prayer
  • If you were unware of an impurity on your clothes during prayer – is it valid?
  • What if you remember during the prayer? what about afterwards?
  • The ruling of the one who prays with his shoes on
  • Is it permissible to pray in a graveyard?
  • Can you have a grave inside the mosque?
  • A description of the Prophet’s mosque

Next week we start with the fourth condition insha Allah: Facing the qiblah

We covered the condition of the timings of the prayer in lesson 13