The Madrasah is currently full. When there is space insha Allah this page will be updated

We have a 5 day (Monday-Friday) Quran School for children from the age of 5 years and up for both boys and girls. We split the classes based on ability and have dedicated classes for beginners as well as children who are more advanced.

Beginner class is for children who are:

  • Learning the Arabic alphabet
  • Learning Tajweed
  • Learning to read the Quran

Advanced class is for children who are:

  • Already able to read the Quran
  • Reading through the whole Quran
  • Memorising the Quran (Hifdh)
  • Doing revision over their memorisation

Times and Fees:

  • 5:15 Pm till 7:15 PM
  • Monday to Friday
  • £5 per week for one child

Address and Contact details: