Al-Ha’iyah Lesson #13: Sinners amongst Believers, Punishment of the Grave and the Intercession

📖Today’s Lesson Summary:

  • What will happen to the sinners amongst the Believers?
  • What things attract the Punishment of the Grave? what protects from it?
  • What is the Intercession on the Day of Judgement?

The Sinners from amongst the Muslims

This is in relation to those Muslims who have committed major sins. It is an important area of Aqeedah (creed).

Will they stay in Hellfire forever? The correct position of Ahlus Sunnah is that they will not be punished in Hellfire forever. They will be under the will of Allah, if he wills He will punish them and if He wills he will forgive them.

Misguided sects

Some groups and sects of Muslims have misguided beliefs on the issue of what will happen to the sinners of the Muslims.

  • The Khawarij who belive that Muslims who commit major sins will stay in Hellfire forever
  • The Murjiah who believe that Muslims who commit major sins will not be punished
  • The Mu’tazilah who believe that Muslims who commit major sins will not enter Hellfire no Paradise. They belive such a person is neither a muslim nor a muslim.

What is the Evidence for the Correct position?

  • In the Quran, Allah says: “Indeed, Allah does not forgive association with Him, but He forgives what is less than that for whom He wills. And he who associates others with Allah has certainly fabricated a tremendous sin.” [4:48]
  • Hadith about those who will be removed from the Hellfire

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The Punishment of the Grave

When a person dies, he will either be in tremendous blessing or severe punishment in his or her Grave.

  • ❓Question: What is the evidence of the Punishment of the Grave?
    • The people of Pharaoh
    • The Hadith about the torment of the grave
    • The Hadith about the soul of the Believer being like a bird
  • ❓Question: Will the Punishment of the grave be upon the Soul or the Body?
    • 1️⃣First opinion:
      • The punishment and blessings apply only to the soul
      • For example, the dead do not show signs of torment
    • 2️⃣Second position:
      • The punishment of the grave applies only to the body
      • What is the evidence for this?
    • 3️⃣Third position:
      • The punishment of the grave applies to both the soul and the body
      • How can we explain this position
  • ❓Question: What about those who are cremated?

What types of sins attract the Punishment of the Grave?

Here are some examples:

  • Men who wear their clothes below the ankles
    • What is the evidence for this?
    • What if I don’t do it with pride?
  • The one who lies and his lies spread far
  • The one who carries Calumnies
  • The one who does not look after himself when urinating
    • Men must sit when urinating
    • Important to avoid others looking at you
    • Do not get urine on you

What protects from the Punishment of the Grave

There are some things which protect a person from undergoing the punishment of the grave. What are these things?

  • The one how dies as a Martyr in the path of Allah
  • Whoever dies from a disease of the stomach. What does this mean?
  • Seeking supplication towards the end of the Prayer. Ask Allah to protect you from the punishment of the Grave

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The Intercession on the Day of Judgement

In Arabic, the term for intercession is “Shafaa’ah”. Where does this term originate from?

Not all types of intercession are accepted. Some forms of intercession are legitimate, whilst others are an innovation.

  • Legitimate intercession:
    • That Allah be pleased with the one interceeding
    • That Allah be pleased with the one for whom intercession is sought
    • That Allah’s permission is given
  • There are different types of intercession that will be specific to the Prophet ﷺ on the day of Judgement:
    • First: Al-Maqam Al-Mahmud (The Praised Station)
      • The people will struggle on the Day of Judgement upon its plain beneath the burning sun. They will seek intercession from every Prophet & Messenger to plead with Allah that he commences the Judgement. They will not receive intercession up until they reach the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.
    • Second: Intercession for the people of Paradise
      • Once the Judgement is completed the people of Paradise will be gathered at its gates which they will find to be closed. They will ask for intercession from the Prophet ﷺ to open them
    • Third: Intercession of the Prophet ﷺ for his Uncle
      • This is an exception to the rule
  • General Intercessions not specific to the Prophet ﷺ, other people will have this ability too:
    • The Prophet ﷺ will intercede for Believers who were destined for Hellfire to be saved from it
    • Intercession for those believers who are in Hellfire to be removed