Summary of Fiqh #18: The Obligations and Sunan of the Prayers

Saturday 17 December 2016

Today we covered the Obligatory acts of the Prayer:

First a recap of the Pillars of the prayer.

There are 8 obligatory acts in the prayer:

  1. All of the takbeers in the prayer [except the opening takbeer]
  2. The Tasmee’ (saying sami’Allahu liman hamidah when you rise up from rukoo’)
  3. The Tahmeed (saying rabbanaa walakalhamd – after the above)
  4. To say Subhaana Rabiyal’adheem during the rukoo’
    • How many times is the minimum?
    • How many is Sunnah?
    • Is there a maximum?
  5. To say Subhaana Rabiyal a’laa in sujood
  6. To say rabighfirlee in between the two sujood
    • How many times should this be done?
  7. Reciting the first Tashahud
  8. Sitting for the first Tashahud

What happens if you miss one of these obligatory acts?

What should you do if you forget something during the prayer?

What are the three reasons one might need to do the sujood as-Sahw?

What are the Sunnah acts of the prayer?

  • Verbal acts
    • The opening du’a
    • The ta’awwudh – saying A’udhu billahi minashaytaanirrajeem
    • The Basmalah – Saying Bismillaahi rahmaani raheem
    • Saying Ameen after the Fatihah
      • What are the virtues of saying Ameen?
    • The du’a after the final tashahhud
  • Physical acts
    • Lifting the hands for the opening takbeer
    • Also before the rukoo’ and when rising up from it
    • Putting the right hand on top of the left hand
      • Where should the hands be placed?
      • How should they be placed on top of each other?
    • Placing the hands on the knees during rukoo’
    • To make your back straight in the rukoo’

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