Lesson 22 | Summary of Fiqh | Desirable Acts & The Prostration of forgetfulness

Saturday 4 Feb 2017

A Summary of Islamic Fiqh – The Book of the Prayer – Lesson 22 (04/02/17)

Today we covered the Chapter:  Desirable and Permissible Acts  & The Prostration of forgetfulness

Desirable and Permissible Acts 

  • What should you do if someone walks in front of you during the prayer?
  • What is the Sutrah?
    • Can you walk in front of the Sutrah?
    • How high should it be?
    • Is it obligatory?
  • What should you do if the imam makes a mistake or gets muddle up?
  • What should you do if a snake or scorpion appears when you pray?
  • To what extent can you move or do things during the prayer?
  • How do you correct the imam?
  • How do you respond if someone gives you salaam during the prayer?
  • Can you read more than one Surah (chapter) in a single prayer?
  • Can you read less than a full surah?

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LESSON 21 | A SUMMARY OF ISLAMIC FIQH | What is Disliked During the Prayer

Saturday 21 Jan 2017

Today we covered: What is Disliked during the Prayer

  •  To move around and fidget (e.g. Head, upper body)
    •  The Hadith of the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم that fidgeting is something by which shaitan takes away some of the reward of your prayer
    • Exceptions to the above due to necessities
      •  picking up a small baby
      •  moving away from danger
    • What happens to the one who moves his whole body with no justification
  • Looking around is disliked
    •  the statement of the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم rebuking the ones who look around or look up during the prayer

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