40 Hadith: Lesson 32

Sun 18 Aug 2019

Hadith 20:

  • On the authority of Abu Masood Uqbah bin ’Amr al-Ansaree al-Badree (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Verily, from what was learnt by the people from the speech of the earliest prophecy is: If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.” [Al-Bukhari]

Part 1 (Recap): The Explanation of the wording of this Hadith

  • The wording of this hadith can be explained in two ways, either as a Threat/Prohibition or as a command
  • See image below

Part 2: Two types of Shyness

  • Shame or shyness if of two types:
    • 1. Shyness and Shame which is innate within you, you were born with it
      • Integrity, manliness, respect
      • Example
    • 2. Shyness and Shame which is acquired and earned
      • Having knowledge and Awareness of Allah, how He is well acquainted with what you do and nothing is hidden from Him
      • This represents the highest part of Eemaan
  • How can shyness in front of Allah be produced?
    • Having knowledge and awareness of Allah and being affected by this
    • Thinking about the blessings of Allah, this has two parts

Part 3: Summary of benefits

  • 1. The characteristic of having shyness and shame is a noble characteristic which has been mentioned by previous Prophets
  • 2. An encouragement of having shyness and shame
  • 3. A lack of shame and shyness causes a person to carry out all types of evil acts


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