Revising for Ramadhaan | Lesson 5

Saturday 3 June 2017

Chapter: Fasting

  • Summary of Lessons previously
  • Importance of Breaking the Fast as soon as the time comes in, and not to delay it
  • Having the Suhoor, for it has barakah in it (blessing)
  • The types of people who don’t have to fast
    • g. unable to fast due to old age, traveller, illness
  • What these types of people have to do to make those missed fasts up
    • g. difference between one with temporary illness vs long term illness
    • What defines if one is ill enough to miss fasting?
  • The one who engages in marital relations, what is the expiation?
    • Free slave, if cannot then feed 60 people, if cannot then fast 2 months
    • Hadith which proves that the expiation is to be done in this order of priority
    • What if it if a person does so (marital relations) 3 or 4 times, what is the ruling?
    • What if marital relations occur whilst being a traveller?
  • Question: If I am travelling at noon time, and it is Ramadhaan, can I eat in the morning?

  • What is the option of the traveller regarding fasting?
  • What if a person is travelling for a haraam reason?
    • Related point, what if a person is praying with haraam clothes, will the prayer be accepted?
  • What about menstruation and post -natal bleeding?
    • one should not fast and instead make it up afterwards
  • What about breaking the fast due to unexpected/difficult situations
    • Story of the Prophet () and sahaaba setting out to conquer Makkah during Ramadhaan, they opened their fast on their way to Makkah
  • Those for whom fasting is not accepted/obligated
    • Non Muslims
    • Those who are not of sound mind
    • Children who have not reached the age of Puberty
  • Children should be encouraged to start fasting when they are capable and above the age of 7
  • Homework answers: Sunnah things for Eid
    • For the Men, wearing one’s best clothes
    • To have something sweet to eat BEFORE the prayer (for Eid ul Fitr)
    • Having a Ghusl in the morning
    • Zakatul Fitr (this is Obligatory)
    • Going one way to the prayer and another way back
    • To pray outdoors or in an open space
  • Q&A
    • Nail biting

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