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Summary of Fiqh #24: The Taraweeh and Rawaatib Prayers

A Summary of Islamic Fiqh – The Book of the Prayer (18/2/17)
Lesson 24 The Taraweeh And Rawaatib Prayers

Chapter: The Taraweeh and Rawaatib Prayers

• It is Sunnah Mu’akkadah – a highly stressed Sunnah
• Why is it called the taraweeh prayer?
• How did the Prophet and his companions used to perform the taraweeh prayer?
• It is better to pray it in congregation or alone?
o What is the proof for this?
o Why did the prophet, peace be upon him, stop leading the taraweeh prayers?
• What are the virtues of praying the taraweeh prayer?
• How many rak’aat (units of prayer) should the taraweeh prayer be?
o What is the proof for this?
o How many did the prophet, peace be upon him, pray?
o What did the companions do after that?
o How long should the taraweeh prayers take?
• Common mistakes made by imams during taraweeh prayer:
o Reciting too fast – so there is no tajweed
o Bowing, prostrating hastily and too fast
o No tranquility while standing in prayer
• Can you hold the mushaf (Quran) in taraweeh?
• Who should correct the imam if he makes a mistake? How should this be done?
• When should the qunoot be performed?
o Is it before or after the rukoo’?

Chapter: The Sunnah Raatibah (prayers performed alongside the obligatory prayers

• What are the raatibah prayers
• When are they prayed/
• Some scholars hold that those who do not perform the Raatibah have lost their ‘adaalah (dignity), and his narrations should not be accepted.
• Some scholars consider those who continuously abandon them are committing a sin
• When are they performed and how many rak’aats are they?
• What are the Sunnah prayers you can pray on Jumuah?
• Can you answer messages or phone calls during the khutbah?
• If the khutbah is in a different language – can you translate it for those who don’t understand it?
• If you’re late for fajr and the imam is praying, when should you pray the Sunnah?
• When should you perform the dhikr, before or after the Sunnah prayers?

Next Lesson: We continue this chapter + the Duha prayer
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