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Authentic Adhkar: Lesson 36

Sat 15 Dec 2018

Lesson 36: Supplications before you Sleep (Part 2)

  • There are tremendous etiquettes  of going to sleep in Islam and there are many great virtues for the one who guards over this
  • Narrated Al-Barā bin `Azib (may Allah be pleased with him): The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said to me, “When you go to bed, perform ablution as you do for prayer, then lie down on your right side and say: ‘Allahumma innii aslamtu nafsii ilaika (Oh Allah I submit myself to you), wa wajjahtu wajhii ilaika (and I turn my face to You), wa fawwadtu ‘amrii ilaika (and I have entrusted my affairs to You) wa alja’tu dhahrii ilaika (and I resort to You for protection), raghbatan wa rahbatan ilaika (out of desire and fear of You), laa malja’a wa laa manjaa minka illaa ilaika (There is no place of safety or salvation from You except with You). Amantu bikitaabik al-ladhii anzalta (I believe in the Book You have revealed ) wa binabiyyika al-ladhii arsalta (and in the Prophet You have sent)’. If you should die (after reciting this) then you will die upon the fitrah (i.e., as a Muslim); so let these words be the last you say (before going to bed)” While I was memorizing it, I said, “Wa birasulika al-ladhi arsalta (in Your Apostle whom You have sent).’ The Prophet said, “No, but say: Wa binabiyyika al-ladhi arsalta (in Your Prophet whom You have sent). [Sahih al-Bukhari]
    • The importance of making wudhu before going to sleep, why is this an important etiquette?
    • Lying on your right side, why is this an etiquette? What did Ibn Qayyim say about sleeping on your left side?
    • Note: Importance of knowing the meaning of these supplications
    • There are a tremendous amount of meanings within this dua, what are they?
    • Why did the Prophet (ﷺ) correct Barā (may Allah be pleased with him)?

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40 Hadith: Lesson 11

Sunday 9th Dec 2018

What we covered:
– Recap of last lesson
– The day of Juydgement will take place on a Friday but no one except Allah know when it will occur
– What are the signs of the hour
– The Hadith of Abdullaah Ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with them both)
– Islam is built upon five pillars


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