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NEW! Alhuda TELEGRAM Channel

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

📢We are happy to announce the NEW Masjid AlHuda Bolton Telegram Channel. 👍

We pray that Allah makes it a means to benefit everyone.

It will be the first stop to our latest updates, uploads of talks and lectures, and posts from our website – for the local Bolton Community and beyond!

Telegram is a ☑️FREE☑️ messaging platform, and the channels offers a direct way for you to receive information 🗞 free from distractions and other elements- directly to your mobile 📲.

Our channel is located at www.Telegram.me/AlhudaBolton

To join simply:
1) click the link 👆 above you can first download telegram.
2) once installed click the link again to head to our channel and click join.

May Allah grant us all success in this endeavour.

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LESSON 24 | Summary of Fiqh | The Taraweeh and Rawaatib Prayers

A Summary of Islamic Fiqh – The Book of the Prayer (18/2/17)
Lesson 24 The Taraweeh And Rawaatib Prayers

Chapter: The Taraweeh and Rawaatib Prayers

• It is Sunnah Mu’akkadah – a highly stressed Sunnah
• Why is it called the taraweeh prayer?
• How did the Prophet and his companions used to perform the taraweeh prayer?
• It is better to pray it in congregation or alone?
o What is the proof for this?
o Why did the prophet, peace be upon him, stop leading the taraweeh prayers?
• What are the virtues of praying the taraweeh prayer?
• How many rak’aat (units of prayer) should the taraweeh prayer be?
o What is the proof for this?
o How many did the prophet, peace be upon him, pray?

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