Lesson 26 | Summary of Fiqh | The Congregational Prayer

Saturday 4 Mar 2017

Chapter: Obligation of the congregational prayer and its virtues

  • The obligatory prayers in the Mosque is one of the great sign posts of Islam
  • Allah has legislated upon this ummah to congregate upon certain times to pray
    • The obligatory five daily prayers
    • The Jumuah prayer every week
    • The congregation for the Eid Prayers twice a year
    • The congregation on the Day of Arafah once a year
  • These congregations have been legislated for the benefit of the Muslims
    • Allows Muslims to connect with one another
    • Joins between their hearts
    • So that we can become aware of what is happening with others by seeing each other regularly
    • Removes hatred and brings about unity and Piety
    • Offers chance to remove ignorance via spreading knowledge
    • Allows us to encourage one another towards good and forbidding evil

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Lesson 25 | Summary of Fiqh | The Duha Prayer, prostration of recitation, night prayer, times when prayers are prohibited

A Summary of Islamic Fiqh – The Book of the Prayer – Lesson 25 (25/02/17)

Chapters: The Duha Prayer, prostration of recitation, *NON Regular* (open) Voluntary prayer, times when prayers are prohibited

• What are the virtues of the Duha prayer?
• When should the Duha prayer be performed?
• How many rak’aat is the Duha prayer?

Chapter – The prostration of recitation (sujood tilaawah)
• What is the prostration of recitation
• Who should perform it?

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