📢ALHUDA ARCHIVE: Removal of the Doubts – Lesson 4 [Essential]

✏️Topic: The Misuse of Evidence by the People of Innovation, the Need to counter it + HOW TO

Written By Muhammad Ibn Abdulwahhāb
Read by Abu Muadh Taqweem

Very Beneficial Lesson, learn and share with family and friends! Explains what the people of Innovation do in terms of evidences/Proofs, WHY this is important and HOW you can counter it in a good manner.

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📢DHUL-Hijjah Fundraiser [Update 5]

✅Alhamdulillaah £114 donated since last update

May Allah reward the many brothers and sisters who have donated.

– Alhamdulillaah £15,156 raised now
– £34,844 left bi’idhnillaah for Target £50,000

Please help raise money to buy the building of Alhuda this Blessed month

Bank: Lloyds
Account Number: 00911018
Sort code: 30-91-01

🌐For more Information on stages, purpose of fundraiser and ways to donate:


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