“Whoever Builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in paradise”

[Bukhari and Muslim]

Dear Brothers and Sisters

All Praise is for Allah alone, the Mighty and Majestic. With the aid and assistance of Allah, it has been 10 years that the masjid has been open and the da’wah and weekly lessons have been going regularly bi tawfeeqillah. We are running a fundraiser in stages and are currnelty on stage 2 (target stage 6).

So Far in the Appeal:
Currently on stage 2
Amount raised in Stage 2 = £27,214
Amount remaining for stage 2= £22,785

in terms of SQUARES (for stage 2):
– 54 squares bought so far
– 45 Squares Remaining

THIS WEEKS GOAL insha Allah:
– To finish stage 2 insha Allah

This goal can be achieved bi’idhnillaah by 45 Brothers and Sisters buying or reserving a square. If anyone is able to donate less than that or wishes to share a square then there will likewise be a great reward for him/her.

May Allah abundantly reward all those who have helped and donated in the past and those who are helping now with their duas and by donating.

Bank: Lloyds
Account Number: 00911018
Sort code: 30-91-01
IBAN: GB78 LOYD 309101 00911018

For more information:

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✏️ Title of classes: Remedying the Heavy and Tight Chest

📗From Ibn Al-Qayyim’s Zaad Al-Ma’ad with commentary of Shaikh Muhammad Amaan Al-Jaami

With Abu Arwa Ali

Every Sunday after Isha (20:00), starting Sunday 14 Jan Insha Allah

We encourage Everyone to attend!

🏡Address: AlhudaBolton, Bella Street, Bolton BL3 4DU
📲Also LIVE on

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📢** New series of Saturday Lessons!

Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Insha Allah we will be starting a new course on Saturdays at 6:30PM titled:

✏️ “Authentic Adhkār from the Qur’an & Sunnah and their Meanings”

This will be a course studying authentic Daily Remembrances & Supplications every Muslim needs to know. Course materials are compiled from the works of various Scholars.

❕**Knowing and practising daily remembrances will bring us closer to Allah, be a source of reward and ward off harm**.

🏡We encourage everyone (who is able) to attend the Lessons at Alhuda masjid (see address), and insha Allah they will also be streamed LIVE on

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