Eid Ul-Adha

To be held Monday 12th Sep, 9:00 Am at the 3D centre insha Allah. All brothers and sisters are requested to bring prayer mats if possible. Provided weather is clear insha Allah, we will follow the sunnah of the prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) and pray outside.

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Birmingham Salafi Conference

bham conf



Glad tidings for Ahlus Sunnah!

Two UK NATIONAL conferences in August

✅ 12-14 August
*”Ahlus-Sunnah are United in Every Age and Era: They do not Differ and Divide”*

✅ 25-29 August
Dr Shaykh Khalid ad-Dhufairee *”The Creed of Ahlus-Sunnah by Abu Haatim ar-Raazi (d. 277) and Abu Zur’ah ar-Raazi (d. 264)*

🌍 location: Masjid Salafi B’ham B10 0UG

Make preparations to go, book your hotels, arrange transport and bring your family & friends!


Alhuda Bolton has organised a 16 seater coach for the conference for brothers which will be departing on Sunday 14th Aug insha Allah. There are only 8 Spaces left so book your place early to avoid disappointment! best way to book is via finding one of the masjid shura brothers or Imam and booking in person.

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