30th May 2020

6 Shawwal 1441

Dhuhr Salah

1:30 pm

3 Hours 12 Minutes
Prayer Begins Salah
Fajr2:59 am 3:15 am
Sunrise4:49 am
Dhuhr1:13 pm 1:30 pm
Asr5:32 pm 6:00 pm
Maghrib9:28 pm 9:33 pm
Isha11:12 pm 11:30 pm
40 Hadith Abu Arwa Ali Family Fiqh (Jurisprudence)

40 Hadith #63

40 Hadith #63

With our brother Abu Arwa Ali


-Ibn Rajab’s addendums to the 40 Hadith

-Islamic law on inheritance

-Blood-ties and Nursing/foster ties


Ramadhan Appeal

Alhuda Ramadhan Appeal🌙 

 The Prophet (ﷺ) said: 

 “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in paradise” 

 [Bukhari and Muslim] 
40 Hadith Abu Arwa Ali Allah’s Names and Attributes Eemaan (belief) Personal Matters Shirk (Polytheism)

40 Hadith #62: Hadith 41 & 42

Read by our brother Abu Arwa Ali


  • Following the Prophet
  • Allāh’s Vast Mercy**
  • Praying to Allah, with hope, and without despondency
  • What does it mean to have pardoning of our sins?
  • How does one gain repentance?
40 Hadith Abu Arwa Ali Death and the life of the grave Eemaan (belief) Personal Matters Purpose of Life The Hereafter

40 Hadith #61: The reality of this life

Alhuda Bolton · 40 Hadith #61: The Reality of Life

With our brother Abu Arwa Ali


  • The value of remembering death, why is this important?
  • What is the reality of life?
  • Ibn Qayyim’s example of the man who had three brothers, what does each brother represent?
  • The value of our deeds