Authentic Adhkar: Lesson 38

Saturday 29th Dec 2018

Lesson 38: Explanation of the different types of Dreams

• Upon waking up in fright (e.g. after having a nightmare)
• What supplication should you make if this occurs?
• Asking Allah to protect you from the evil of the shayateen
• Narration of Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi and others
• The individual will not be harmed by the shayateen after reading the above dua by the permission of Allah
• Hadith recorded by imam Ahmed by Waleed ibn Waleed
• Seeking refuge in Allah from the evil of his servants the evil ones, and the whispers of the shayateen from reaching you as no one else can give you refuge besides Allah, from his anger and his punishment
• What to say if you see a good dream/bad dream.
• Types of dreams
• Ibn Qayyim mentions 3 categories of dreams:
o Good dreams are from the Angels
o Bad dreams are from the shaytaan
o And the strange and ambiguous dreams.

• The third category does not have meaning and comes from random experiences during the day of a person that have been stored in their subconscious
• It is wrong to seek an explanation of these third category of dreams as they do not mean anything as mentioned by some of the scholars of the Salaf such as Hamaad al Ansaree
• The hadith of Abu Saeed al khudriy (Sahih Bukhari), may Allah be pleased with him
• The hadith of Abu Salamah, may Allah be pleased with him
• Hadith of Jabir (Sahih Muslim), may Allah be pleased with him
• Also one could get up and make wudhu and pray two raka’at and return to ones bed if he has a bad dream
5 main benefits:
o 1. Good drem from Allah good tiding for the believer from Allah. Bringcomfor nad tranquillity to the heart. Some of the salaf used to say, the verse: lahumul bushra fi dunya wal akhira. Fi dunya means the good dream.
o 2. The bad dream is from shaytaan and the vain dream is meaningless
o 3. Salaf: don’t become deceived by what is seen in the dream and become overwhelmed.
o 4. What to do in a bad dream?
o 5. Not to tell anyone the bad dream.
• Lying on the stomach when sleeping is prohibited as the shaytaan does this


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