40 Hadith: Lesson 1

Sun 23rd Sept 2018

Lesson 1: Introduction and Biography of Imam Nawawi and Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbād

  • Introduction to the 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi
  • The best statements uttered by any human are the statements spoken by the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)
  • Imam Nawawi has collected 42 comprehensive hadith from the fundamentals and principles of our deen in this book
  • We will be using the commentary of Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbād,
    • Story of Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbad and his classes on this book
  • The life of Imam Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him):
    • What was his name?
      • kunya and title (Muhyideen, though he disliked it)
    • His birthplace
      • Born in the year 631 AH in the month of Muharram, in a town called Nawa on the outskirts of Damascus
    • His seeking of knowledge
    • His death
      • He passed away in his home town, in the house he was born in, on the 24th of Rajab in the year 676 AH
    • A brief biography of Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbād (may Allah preserve him)
      • His name
      • His birthplace
        • In the town of Zulfi (near Riyadh) in the year 1353 AH
      • His seeking of Knowledge
      • His role at the Islamic University of Madinah
    • Introduction to the book by Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbād
      • Praise of Allah
      • Salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), his family, his companions and those who follow their footsteps
      • Introduction to the 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi and why he gathered 40 ahadeeth
      • Imam Nawawi’s own introduction to the book and his praise for the scholars
      • The importance of this collection of 42 hadith
      • Imam Nawawi’s citing of the narrations, their authenticity and chains
      • Imam Nawaiw says it is binding for anyone who has ardent desire for the afterlife that he/she knows and reflects on these ahadeeth due to the important matters they contain
      • Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbād explains the impact this book has had alongside other great works
      • Imam Ibn Rajab added further 8 hadith to this collection for a total of 50 hadith
      • Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbād explains this Sharh (commentary) and how it is structured
    • Encouragement from Shaykh AbdelMuhsin Al-Abbād to learn and memorise these ahadeeth


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