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Summary of Fiqh #23: Dhikr after Prayer, and the Optional Prayers

A Summary of Islamic Fiqh – The Book of the Prayer – Lesson 23 (11/02/17)

Chapter:  Dhikr following the Prayer & the Optional prayers

  • Dhikr is specified as a time for remembrance after the Prayer
  • Dhikr is also made after other acts of worship such as Fasting and Hajj
  • Dhikr helps a person realise that worship does NOT end just because the act of worship itself has ended, but that it is continuous
  • What is the Sunnah way of doing dhikr after the prayer?
  • Is it permissible to perform dhikr in congregation?
  • What are some of the most important dhikr to make after Salaah?
  • What order is preferred for the dhikr to be made in?

The Optional prayers:

  • The Prophet used to pray them regularly
  • There are two types of optional prayer
    • Optional prayers that are restricted in their timing
    • Optional prayers that are open in their timing
  • The most emphasised are:
    • The Witr prayer then
    • The Tarawih prayer Then
    • The Rain Prayer Then
    • The Eclipse prayer

The Witr prayer:

  • This is the most important and emphasised voluntary prayer
  • Some scholars say it is obligatory
    • What is the proof for this?
    • The statement of Imam Ahmad regarding the one who does not pray witr
  • How is the witr performed?
  • What is the time for Witr?
  • How many rak’ahs should it be?
    • What is the minimum number of rak’ahs for Witr?
  • What should you do if you missed the Witr prayer?

Homework: When you finish the prayer – do you keep the finger raised while you say salaam or do you put it down? What is the evidence?

Next Lesson: The Taraweeh Prayer

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